La Tortilla Factory Case Study

MacKenzie Agency Food Public Relations

La Tortilla Factory is already an established national brand with a reputation for superior product quality and performance. Our job is to increase awareness and stimulate trial of their best-in-class tortillas and wraps among new consumers, and to reinforce brand loyalty among their existing customers.


MacKenzie Agency set out to distinguish the La Tortilla Factory brand as the innovative leader in its category, communicating its superior “good for you” quality to media and consumers, as well as draft nutrition, wellness and weight-loss authorities as brand champions.


The MacKenzie Agency/La Tortilla Factory relationship is a shining example of how a well-executed PR plan that coincides with marketing directives can reach a broad audience and make a positive impact on sales. During our 2014 campaign, we garnered over 140 media hits that translate to over 153,869,698 media impressions for the brand, at a cost per thousand of $0.34 (based on their budget and outcome of the campaign).

By maintaining a communications message with a central theme that resonated with each and every tactical execution, we were able to see results via media hits in publications such as Good Housekeeping, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, Sunset, Prevention, Better Homes & Gardens, Woman’s Word and Shape, to name a few, as well as receive kudos for the brand on health and wellness authority websites such as Ashley Koff Approved, The Supermarket Guru, Hungry Girl, and more.

The agency is directly responsible for 33% out of the top 100 traffic referrals in 2014 to (source – La Tortilla Factory Google Analytics), and we were able to establish contact with media at a rate of 20.14% using our digital tactics outreach, which is 52% above the current industry standard for open rates at 13.25%.


Percent of La Tortilla Factory’s 2014 top 100 website traffic refferals, as a direct response to agency efforts.


Average “open” or “read” rate for MacKenzie Agency’s digital media communications on behalf of La Tortilla Factory.


Percentage above the industry  average “open” rate (currently at 13.25%) that the agency garnered from digital communications with media.

Total media impressions – print and digital – that MacKenzie Agency obtained for La Tortilla Factory over the course of 2014 at a cost of $0.34 per thousand impressions (determined by cost of campaign and total impressions earned).

2015 La Tortilla Factory Media Highlights


2014 La Tortilla Factory Media Highlights