MacKenzie Agency Wine Public Relations

SFWS was practically a start-up when it looked to MacKenzie to build awareness of its education and certificate programs among working wine professionals and knowledgeable consumers. They needed to take market share away from established providers, while dramatically expanding the market for wine education and professional certifications.

Use our international network of influencer contacts in the food & wine trade, as well as our ability to turn a compelling phrase, to build awareness and educate the market.

Now with 65 different classes in eight distinct programs, with new investor funding in place that is enabling the school to build three new, fully-equipped classrooms, SFWS credits a share of its success to “media coverage at an exponentially higher level.” Today, SFWS is developing into a nationally-recognized wine teaching authority.

“Your efforts have enabled me to focus on curriculum development, court investors, seek out corporate training opportunities, and so much more. One wine dude, me, could never have done that alone.”

David Glancy

Founder & CEO, San Francisco Wine School